Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rob Ford is the all-time favorite

Today, there was another mayoral debate. I tried to watch the whole thing but the sugary sweet stuff  oozing from candidates other than Councillor Rob Ford was simply too much to take.... especially as I am on a diet. The sweetness and love for all mankind including the Tamil refugees and the homeless hobos was overflowing from my TV screen and flooding the family room so I had to make a getaway and come bang at my laptop.  All four nitwits with the exception of Rob Ford want to welcome the Tamil refugees with open arms.  CP24, which is the pulse of the city,  were holding the debate and I am rather taken aback because they had stuffed the audience with more lefties than righties. I usually think of CP24 as being not "too lefty" but today they proved me wrong.... and I will tell you why.

In the audience there were so many individuals that behaved like they were all agreeing more with the other four candidates on the Tamil refugees issue.   CP24 did a good job finding  some hard-core lefties. Another issue about homelessness where I felt Ford gave the perfect response, the audience seemed divided 50/50.  Why would people be not fully in agreement if the homelessness issue is dealt with in one of these ways, as Ford plans to do when he becomes mayor of the city:
a) Check on each homeless person laying in the street and  get him/her in rehab if addicted to drugs/booze;
b) get him/her under mental health care is that is the problem

He is definitely not in agreement with the kumbayah crowd that thinks it is all OKAY to let the homeless person just lay in the streets.

If you were watching the debate and you saw the "more lefties than righties" that made up the audience, you would think that Ford had failed badly on the issue of Tamil migrants... right?   WRONG !!!

Here are the poll numbers at CP24 online.  Folks,.... never trust the MSM and always be on guard to spot their tricks.
Will you welcome the Tamil migrants to Toronto?

Yes  43%

No   53%

Undecided 4%


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