Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sarah Palin endorses more Mama Grizzlies

Mama Grizzlies here, mama grizzles there, mama grizzlies everywhere. What is poor Prez Obama to do? Would playing possum be a good tactic? 

Pam Bondi in Florida for Attorney General
Rita Meyer for Governor of Wyoming
Kelly Ayotte for New Hampshire for US Senate
CeCe Heil  from Tennessee for Congress

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  1. Restoration Rally buildup continues ..... 'Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world' ....

    ..... meanwhile, somewhere on Martha's Vineyard, behind closed doors .....

    No, I'm not going back ... I wanna stay HERE, I tell you

    Axel walks over to the slumped figure by the window

    But Mr President, you need to practise the big speech you will be giving to the nation on Aug 31st, and ...

    WHAT!? ..... those RUBES ...those HICKS! ... they don't like me any more .... (tosses head petulantly, and pouts bottom lip) ... they don't DESERVE my masterful ELOQUENCE, my BEAUTIFUL DUSKY PROFILE .... my ELEGANCE, my POISE EXQUISITELY CREASED PANTLEGS ..... I am staying HERE .... with my FRIENDS ... they LIKE me, they APPRECIATE me .... I also need to improve my golf game ....

    But Barry ,... I mean Mr Presdient .... Rahm says ....

    NO! (stamps foot) .. I am THE PRESIDENT! I can do WHATEVER I like! (turns away from Axel, gazes longingly out at the golf course below ... )

    ... Axel, walks quietly outside the door, reaches into his pocket for his cell phone, and presses the number ONE speed dial button ..... a few moments later the phone rings in the suite on the 2nd floor occupied by The Psychiatrist .....



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