Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh... so sweet to be in Britianistan where beggars are kings ....

and taxpayers are paupers. Coming soon to Canadistan too or maybe already arrived.. Oh glory be !!!

....A Benefits scrounger with 10 children who claims £30,000 a year from the state was condemned by his own daughter yesterday.

Jessica Bateman, 18, said she was ashamed of her “lazy, useless” father and branded him “nothing more than a sperm donor”.

She was angered after hearing how father Gary, 46, and his partner – who is pregnant with her 12th child – were given a £300,000 five-bedroom house by council officials because he complained their old home was too small.

Shopworker Jessica, who is from a previous relationship of her father, has had little contact with him after he walked out on her mother when she was five. But she has learned that he spends up to £60 a time in fast-food restaurants while his council house is kitted out with the latest gadgets and flat-screen TVs........

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