Monday, August 23, 2010

Faster, faster England.... faster please .... Part Eight

I have a lot of catching up to do with these tales. Here are just five from the countless more to come. I hope Canada's immigration department  are aware of the fact that they hold this country's future in their hands. History will remember which family names to load the blame on if the present immigration policies are not changed to put a complete stop to immigration  from muslim countries.   Our govt. has to look at what's happening in England to make a quick decision on immigration.  Procastination on this issue will prove to be fatal and a little bit too late if kept on the back burner any longer.

1) In UK making non-virgins into virgins again ( what a laugh that is, if nothing else muslims are always good for a belly laugh and countless snorts for clearing the nostrils) are a priority with the NHS while British soldiers have to wait months for essential surgery. I wonder how many of these "virgins again" hypocrites were wearing the nijab or hijab or those neck, hair coverings of modesty. Modesty... my foot !!!

2) pedophiles are not dangerous, so rules a UK judge

3) Rapists of both women and men, slashers and thugs from muslim gangs escape the clutches of British police, almost all the time. Willingly, wouldn't you presume?

4) Intl Human Rights court which is full of British and euro reps rules that UK should "hold off on extraditing four terrorism suspects to the United States, saying it must show that life terms without parole in maximum security prisons would not violate Europe's human rights charter"

5) British ambassador to Lebanon loved the dead hizbollah founder. Women dhimmis are the worst dhimmis ever. How do these ditzy females get to become ambassadors?

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