Friday, August 27, 2010

The EDL, are they English or are they not?

If they are English, then why is their Home Secretary against them for planning to march in a peaceful demonstration in Bradford?  Is Bradford still a part of England  or isn't it?  Has the Crown and the UK Govt already handed over that patch of England  to the conniving invaders?   Is that the reason why the British members of the EDL who are English men and women, cannot walk on the soil  that now, to all appearances, seem to belong to the invaders  ?

The EDL has sent a notification to their members, even the International ones like myself, that they are desperate to ensure that the demonstration in Bradford on Aug 28 will be a peaceful one. They have warned those participating in the march  in no uncertain terms, as follows:

This is the demonstration we have all been waiting for so let's go to Bradford and show that we can hold a peaceful demonstration and leave the city peacefully. Any members intent on going to Bradford to cause violence, be offensive or racist are not welcome and will be removed from the demonstration.....

...Most of all remember why we are here and this is to demonstrate against Islamic extremism not to fight with UAF, Police or anyone else. Stay safe and be sensible.

No Surrender Ever

In spite of the EDL's good intentions, there are bound to be elements within the protestors who will deliberately make trouble. It's easy for the leftists to infiltrate such groups because the Right tend to look on everybody as good unless proven otherwise. And, those leftish elements will be working on behalf of the Bradford muslims. Let's see what tomorrow unfolds, and it's already Aug 28 there now. This march is planned even though the Home Secretary had caved in to the Bradford Council's request to ban the EDL from coming to the city. The EDL's PR people have somehow managed to go around that ruling by refraining from marching within some distance of certain areas.... or so I believe.

Any guesses how the Bradford Council was able to twist the Home Secretary's arm to make her deprive the citizens of England  from marching in a peaceful protest? See all the exotic names, the kind found on airport alert lists, and many a time with good reason?   Yeah, that's the Bradford Council folks. Nice eh?!  Won't happen in Canada you say...... hmmmmmmmm.  Wanna go check the council lists in all our towns and cities and the boonies ? 


  1. To answer your question, yes they are. They are just not part of the protected perpetually-offended class, and thus allowed all manner of civil disruption and demonstration in the name of social cohesion that's all.

  2. 25% of the council is Muslim, including the deputy mayor.

    Well beyond the number needed to foment trouble.

    Muslims in number are a danger to any civilized society.


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