Thursday, August 26, 2010

The PM shimmied in Inuvik

There's a lot to the Prime Minister of Canada and he let's us see it only in patches.

.... Finally, Harper arrived, shaking hands with elders and children alike, before making his way to the front of the room.

For a few minutes he gamely watched the dancers perform, until Lillian Elias issued an invitation.

"Our tradition is that we invite everybody to join us when it is time for us to have a dance, a freestyle dance," said Elias, 67, who has been dancing about 10 years.

Health Minister Leona Agluuykak, who is from Inuvik, was first to her feet, joining a growing crowd preparing to the gentle beat of a drum.

Seconds later, Harper rose.

He accepted a pair of traditional cowhide and beaver fur gloves, and as the drumbeats picked up he shyly swayed and bounced.

But as the community closed in and their shouts grew louder, Harper grew bolder.

He crouched and shimmied, adding his voice to the chorus.

At the end, wild applause and a high five from one of the dancers.

"He did very well," said Elias.....

I tried to find a vid of this but  failed.  Maybe someone will post something later and I can include it here as an Update.
UPDATE:  Here's one vid I found at Yahoo

Here's more thanks to Gabby and Wilson from the comments:


  1. You can see a video of the PM dancing at David Akin's blog:

  2. Video here

  3. Traditional cowhide mitts? Now THAT is a good one!
    Having lived in the north a long time, and also spent lots of time in Inuvik, I have never seen any arctic cattle ranches or even wild cows roaming the tundra. Just curious what the ancient and traditional trade routes to the vast aboriginal cattle ranching areas of the south were?
    Inquiring minds want to know


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