Monday, July 19, 2010

Please do me a favor

Would readers from outside Ontario, please check if your libraries list the following books, and let me know either in the comments section or by email.

1) Tyranny of Nice.... by Kathy Shaidle
2) Muslim Mafia ..... by Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry

None of the Toronto libraries are listing anything that they think goes against their Lefty flavored diets. I badly need this info as I plan to make a formal complaint to the Ontario govt's Ministry of Culture as the libraries in Ontario fall under their jurisdiction.

If these two books are available outside Ontario, then the premier of Ontario, McGuinty, and the Minister of Culture, Michael Chan will have to answer WHY NOT in Ontario.

If not available in any of the libraries throughout Canada, then we all have to question WHY NOT.  


  1. No doubt you will be able to find numerous copies of 'My Two Mommies' and ' The Penis in Modern Literature; From Patriarchy to Submission'not to mention stacks of anything written by Naiomi Klein.

  2. At Vancouver Public Library:!9192457~!3100023~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!horizon&term=The+tyranny+of+nice+%3A+how+Canada+crushes+freedom+in+the+name+of+human+rights+%28and+why+it+matters+to+Americans%29+%2F&index=ALLTITL#focus!9072126~!3100023~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=2&source=~!horizon&term=Muslim+Mafia+%3A+inside+the+secret+underworld+that%27s+conspiring+to+Islamize+America+%2F&index=ALLTITL#focus

  3. Thanks Jim... much appreciated.

  4. You can get Kathy's book in Ottawa ( but not the other one

  5. Thank M ... now more and more it is becoming evident that someone or a whole body of somebodies is purposely not stocking books which show the Left in a bad light.... and they are doing so mainly for Toronto .... a place which is full to the brim with non-Conservatives.

    Little by little we are seeing through their conniving ways and will do our best to set things RIGHT.

  6. Alberta libraries:

    Shaidle, Kathy:
    The Tyranny of Nice - Edmonton Public - three copies, three different branches
    Lobotomy Magnificat - Calgary Public and Chinook Arch (one each)
    God rides a Yamaha - Chinook Arch

    No results for Muslim Mafia

    Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks Frances.... every bit of information gives me more fodder to use against those trying to deprive readers in Toronto from access to Conservative reading.

  8. Worldcat, which covers some, but certainly nowhere near all of Canada's public and academic libraries, indicates that Toronto Public Library has the The Tyranny of Nice in its collection, as does the University of Toronto, Library and Archives Canada and the University of Ottawa.

    Worldcat listing

    I've checked the Toronto Public Library catalogue and find that this is accurate - it does indeed carry the book.

    Toronto Public Library listing

    Further investigation reveals that the Mississauga Library System also has the book in its collection.

    Mississauga Library System listing

    I've not gone any further in researching the issue.

    I haven't been able to find a listing for Muslim Mafia in any Canadian library, public or academic.

  9. Brian - thanks for the info. I just tried again after logging into my account.

    I can see:

    Lobotomy magnificat
    Shaidle, Kathy, 1964-
    Book, 1997. 80 p. ;
    0 holds / 3 copies
    Place Hold


    God rides a Yamaha : musings on pain, poetry and pop culture
    Shaidle, Kathy, 1964-
    Book, 1998. 143 p.
    0 holds / 2 copies
    Place Hold

    but nope ...
    no listing for "Tyranny of Nice".

    I will try your other suggestions, but I think it should have as easy to find as her other two books.

  10. Maria,

    I see my link to the TPL listing has timed out. Must say, there is some strange stuff going on here.

    If one goes to their website and uses the new search option the book is nowhere to be found. That said, using the catalogue search that they've recently replaced (link just to the right of the new search), one gets a hit.

  11. Yes Brian .... I told ya.... things are pretty twisted in the city of Toronto. No matter which govt. controlled facility you go to, it is full of lefties and their henchmen and women.
    I had written to the librarian of my local branch almost a year ago(and this branch is one of the bigger library branches in Toronto) why Shaidle's book was not on the list and I had followed up during my next visit to the library by going to the Help Desk and checking again and both times I was told it would be coming.

    Also, although you said you did not see Muslim Mafia as available anywhere in Canada, check out above the comment from Jim Pook. He saw a listing of it at the Vancouver library.


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