Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pro-Palestinian judge for Palestinian-related issues

Yup... that's shariah for you. This is how it will all come down. As soon as Queen Elizabeth is no more and the chinless one takes over, the downhill momentum that England is on right now, will gain full speed. The chinless one will hand over everything to the religion he admires so very much . He might even convert to it. Remember, I said it here first.

Judge whose birthpace was Jaffa brought out of retirement to hear the case of the $ 275K worth of goods and equipment destroyed by activists in England because "they were seeking to prevent Israeli war crimes". BBC cheers on as I am sure the CBC would have too if it had happened here. Oh... what a super duper world we are living in now. I am flying on a cloud...everything is so lovely and pink and fuzzy and nice, come let's all have some more champagne and sing some love songs to our hearts' delight.

You off course are smart enough to guess what the verdict was, right? Or are you still muttering to yourself "everything is alright with the world, it's the paranoid bloggers going crazier by the day, I am sane and they are bonkers."

Sure, sure.... now go take another look at those lovely unicorns and rainbows outside your window

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