Thursday, July 1, 2010

Affirmative Action = dumbing down society

I sincerely hope Canada does not use this extremely foolish tool of the Left. I believe a number of  NDP MPs were jumping around some months back trying to push this sort of madness into our legislature.  How can people, be they black, brown, white, yellow, blue or green, be content and happy with diplomas and degrees, that they know in their heart of hearts, were bestowed upon them only because of their color and ethnicity and not because of how they used what's in their God-given brains. How can such people function with efficiency and confidence in their professions, knowing that there are far better people all around them who are better qualified, better fitted and definitely more capable of doing the job that their government has seen fit to give them even though they are less competent, less qualified, less everything. What a totally twisted, mad, mad, mad world we live in !  

The following comment linked from here  shows how unfair and totally wrong affirmative action has proven to be. This is what I would term a "human rights violation".

As an asian, I can testify to this data. I applied to med school this past year, had three interviews, but was not accepted anywhere. I had a 31 MCAT (about average for a matriculant) and 3.51 GPA. I have a black friend from college with roughly the same GPA, but a 24 on his MCAT (which is considered very low), who got into med school. It's extremely difficult to get in if you're Asian, much easier if you're black or hispanic.


  1. The biggest problem here is for the visible minorities who were accepted on their own merits.

    Once lower standards are accepted for these groups, even those who were worthy candidates will be tainted by uncertainty about whether they were truly good, or products of affirmative action.

  2. I like spurious correlations as much as VDare and Stormfront do!

    I couldn't help but notice that the chart doesn't speak to the nudist/MCAT data. Why does the liberal media and their elitist academic partners in crime want to hide from the public the fact that wearing pants makes you smarter?


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