Friday, July 16, 2010

Noonan advises Cameron: "Don't follow Barack Obama"

Oh... but he will Ms.Noonan.... he will. Just look at the arrogant way he poses at every photo opportunity. He relies on his PR office just like Obama does. All they are required to do is pose around like models. These new leaders are wanna-be fashion icons or probably even nude models like Scott Brown, Republican. rep. The world is now ruled by arrogant, self-centered, brainless individuals. They are more Hollywood than Hollywood itself.

And Ms.Noonan... how come you have suddenly opened your eyes to the facts about Obama?  You were one of his lapdogs, if I remember right.  I remember your hateful article aimed at Palin.  You were a nitwit then, just a short few months ago.  Welcome to the grown ups world... all is forgiven.

Dear Mr Cameron, welcome young friend. Welcome to America. Bring your bright, dashing self to our shores. Speak your piece with affection and modesty and go home a wiser man.

As for your own leadership, here is some advice. Do not imitate Mr Obama. He has been a disappointment; learn from his mistakes. America is not Britain and Britain is not America, but the culture of our politics – the polls, the imagery, the fixation on sound bites, the nonsense, the essential shallowness of presentation and of thinking, the inability of political figures to think long term – has grown similar. To your detriment, by the way.

Shall I tell you what Americans think? We think you used to have fusty, occasionally dishevelled, pipe-smoking, brandy-taking, hopelessly avuncular figures as your leaders: no one cared what they looked like, though they were interesting to listen to, or at least to watch moving through murky waters – like Harold Macmillan. Mrs Thatcher, too, was this sort, though never dishevelled. Now you have leaders who are young, sleek, slick, who believe always and almost only in what used to be called public relations and is now called the brand. I name no names. And, actually, I don't mean to be harsh........

via: Matt Drudge

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