Monday, July 5, 2010

Is this 1932 all over again for the USA?

The writer of this article in the Telegraph, UK, thinks it is. No matter how much the US pundits try to keep clear of the word "depression", everything points to the way things were  during those years just before WWII.

A commentor at the article named BazzaMcKenzie has some great insight and also gives a  link to this article written by the co-founder of Intel Corp. It will give you a clear picture how the West has screwed itself economically, and IMO, is now well on it's way to handing over Western supremacy to the East and to Islam. Definitely worth reading.


  1. what becomes of a government & media
    that continues to lie to the people re 9/11

    fool me once shame on you
    fool me twice shame on me

  2. Behold dear readers, here is a perfect nutcase in the persona of commentor ryanshaunkelly.

    If you need a laugh, go visit his blog and check out the lunacy.
    Another truther nutcase.


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