Saturday, July 17, 2010

Calling all Gitmo terrorists' lovers, all Gitmo terrorists' lovers to the front desk please

This is the height of it. I wonder what those brainless activists and all those conniving lawyers creaming their panties thinking of their terrorist lovers in Gitmo will now have to say about Gitmo detainees begging NOT TO BE RELEASED from Gitmo. You gotta see the perks and the welcome packages they get in Gitmo. Life in Gitmo is like staying FREE at a 5-star hotel.

The neverending appeasement, the coddling and the pampering of these terrorists happening in GITMO is nausea inducing to people like me. Computer courses and Skype facilities so they can talk to their families?!!  This is not a prison.... not by a long, loooooooonnnnnnnnng stretch.

Six of the detainees who are free to go back to their own country of Algeria do not want to be freed because they claim they will be persecuted by the Algerian govt.   Not true ... as the Bush as well as the Obama admins have so far released 10 Algerian detainees  and not one has been persecuted by the Algerian govt. 

These Gitmo scum do not want to leave their 5-star hotel.... can you get that inside your thick skulls Human Rights Activists?

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