Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here's hoping BP's stock dwindles down to "0" and the company is buried ...

deep into the ground so it can reside with the oil it loves so much.

On July 29, BP executives will be grilled by the US Senate's Foreign Affairs Commission regarding their role in the lobbying of the British govt. to release the Lockerbie bomber, the murderer is busy enjoying a great life now in Libya having shown the middle finger to his victim's families. Rumours have been circulating from day one that Britian released the scum, not because he was about to die,  like the world was made to believe, but because of a oil deal with Libya.

Also, I just read today that there are some strange things going on in the Gulf waters.  46 navy ships with more than 7000 personnel have skipped from the toxic waters and are now in Costa Rica. Rumors are floating around that Costa Rica has invited the USA onto their shores for dealing with their drug cartels, while the truth of the matter must be the oil spill and the toxicity of the seas in the Gulf which is affecting the personnel on board the ships.

See how the mighty have fallen. A company that had the British law makers in it's back pocket is now laboring in  it's death throes. Good riddance to BP and let's hope the executives not only lose their jobs but get thrown into prison. BP simply cannot recover from the oil spill disaster...they are done and done good. The consequences are going to be horrible and neverending. The fumes emitting from the toxic waters are going to affect health-wise the coastal residents closest to the toxic waters. The lawsuits will never come to an end. BP is finished as the giant it once was and rightly so. Sometimes we see justice done. This is one of those times.

Burn BP Burn.

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  1. Regardless of whether or not the British government colluded with BP to have this terrorist released, it will have no effect on the British people. They have become so accustomed to being oppressed and lied to by their government that they have lost the will to fight back.

    The socialists have achieved their goal of beating the public into docile submission.


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