Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Victim's family blames Canada's Immigration and Justice services

And guess what? They are absolutely right in doing so. If Canada's almost non-existent justice system had taken seriously the well-being of Canadian citizens by meting out proper justice to the criminal elements in this country, their daughter would be alive today.  I hope the lawyers who kept this scum in Canada, year after year, are happy with themselves. 

Emotions were teeming in court Wednesday as Yasmin Ashareh’s killer William Imona-Russel was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Victim-impact statements revealed a deep sense of betrayal and anger at the Canadian immigration and justice systems that enabled the 36-year-old HIV-positive Nigerian to rape and murder the 20-year-old Toronto woman in July 2006.

That murder occurred more than two years after he was ordered deported as a failed refugee claimant and while he was on bail for two rapes against a former girlfriend in March 2005. He is still appealing on compassionate and humanitarian grounds.

Imona-Russel barely worked since arriving in April 2003, collected a disability pension and cost taxpayers more than $2 million fighting various criminal charges. He ruined one woman’s life and murdered Ashareh.....


  1. Sadly Justice means "Just us alone" without the self same rights as the vermin man above. Lest we forget has been replaced with "Lest we offend" immigrants and special interest groups.

  2. Maybe Bob, Ussal, Olivia and Jack can fight over this guy, for joint custody.

    The leftie's betray the freedoms and rights of regular tax paying, law abiding citizens that simply want to walk the streets of their country and feel safe.

  3. The worst part is he was attacted by jail guards and lost his case. so if the truth gets out there he will have spent over 2million of our dollars and here illegally and be able to sue the government of ontario along with the jail guards from the don jail. I have the real truth and no one in our goverenment wants to hear it.


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