Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pakistan is the most satanic nation on Earth

The number of Christians persecuted and killed in Pakistan has been  growing every day. Unbelievable, the number of atrocities and the extent of their cruelty on other human beings and only because they do not belong to their own devilish faith of islam. Satan himself must have awarded Pakistan with the winning trophy for the month of July as this month alone has seen the most horrific killings and mayhem wrought on  Christians in Pakistan than other satanic nations like Indonesia and Nigeria.

And what does the Pope do while all this is going on ?   He looks for photo opportunities while sporting baseball caps.  Just one painting or sculpture from the Vatican, if sold or leased out to museums around the world, would provide food and shelter to a 1000 villages for an entire year in Africa, but will anybody in the Vatican ever think of doing that? Of course NOT !!  Italy has been open to muslim immigrants and muslim refugees for decades and you won't believe how many are now citizens of Rome, but will they ever try to rescue the Pakistani or Indonesian Christians?  No Never.  Is it any wonder that so many Roman Catholics like me are turning away from the faith of our forefathers?
We live in superficial times with Hollywood actors playing at the most important jobs, jobs that are supposed to keep the earth revolving sanely and not lurching drunkenly.

Don't mind me, I was already  feeling down today after reading Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" and then I  happen to read about Christians being persecuted in muslim countries.

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