Monday, July 12, 2010

Faster, faster England..... faster please.... Part Three

England, you have cloaked yourself with shariah but we can see the cankerous sores on your body.  Now even  children are not spared from the shariah laws in England which are quickly replacing the old laws and all this is happening without any wars, without any bloodshed. All Shariah does is kill the soul, without which you are just a zombie and might as well lay yourself down and admit defeat.

1) School kids forced to wear ethic dress for a day to mark Eid, a muslim festival.
2) School kids forced to kneel and pray to allah during religious education session or given detention if they refuse to do so.
3) Council wants all schools in Stoke, during Ramadan to refrain from exams parent-teacher meetings and other events.
4) If you are not a muslim, no public swimming pool for you and your kids when muslims enjoying it.
5) Father and 2 year daughter are barred from swimming in this pool. because the sessions are ONLY for muslim women and their children.

Dear readers, now you know why bloggers like me are fighting tooth, nail and everything to get the Canadian govt to halt immigration of muslims to our Canada. If the influx of this vile culture continue to invade Canada, then we will most certainly become like England, there is no iota of doubt about it. There is no stopping shariah once it gains a foothold.  Don't forget, that even on our shores, in the form of that vile creature known as Barbara Hall, when she was the mayor of Toronto, Ontario would have introduced a form of Shariah for this province. Yes, this Province which is in your own beloved country. I cannot bring myself to dislike McGuinty a full 100%, because if not for him shariah would have had a foothold in Ontario. He put a stop to the vile creature's initiative and the b**ch was doing it to get the muslim vote.

Please don't be delusional enough to think that what is happening in England cannot happen here in Canada. It can and it will if you and others around you are not vigilant and not aware of the problem we are facing. If you are aware of these things, it is your duty to educate others around you, even at the peril of being called paranoid or a muslim hater. Please spread the links above to your family and friends. In the days ahead I will be showing you how steeply down the path of embracing full shariah, the country to which most Canadians are linked to by ancestry, has slipped to and willingly so.

It is terrible to say this, but I for one, want England to be islamized, and the faster the better.  In her downfall lies our salvation. Only when England is fully under shariah law, my hope is that, that Canadians will at long last open their eyes to the danger already amongst us.


  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls this the 'racism of low expectations' in her latest book, Nomad - this Western attitude that people of colour must be exempted from "normal" standards of behaviour.

  2. IMO, by exempting them from normal standards of behaviour it is "racism" of the highest order.


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