Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh... to be in Toronto....

is like heaven..... like heaven, I tell you.  All you have to do is get on the city's payroll and you got it made.

City staff members who hold city-issued credit cards “spend like drunken sailors,” said Councillor Rob Ford (Etobicoke North). Mr. Ford failed this week at City Council to win a vote and get a list of the staff who have the cards, first issued in 2005.

How much do city staff members spend using their cards and won't produce receipts? Nothing much .... only $9 Million ... nothing much when it's just pulled out like non-aching teeth from those stupid taxpayers.

Councillor Kyle Rae (Toronto Centre Rosedale) is the councillor who championed for the doing away of the fourth lane on a busy thoroughfare between Bloor and Queens Street near Jarvis so it could give more space to a cyclists' path. Forget the 30,000 or so drivers that use that road, who cares if they are late to work or late getting home. Most of them are probably not from Rosedale anyway, but the cyclists are and it's their votes that count. The rest of Toronto can go to Timbaktu as far as Kyle Rae is concerned.  How much did the transformation cost?  Nothing much... only $6 Million .... it's chicken feed for Rae because it is not his money.

Vote Rob Ford .... is the loudest voice amongst the city councillors to cut the mindless spending going on in those halls.

Here's an interview a Toronto blogger had with Ford   after the smears and what-not coming from The Toronto Skunk aka The Toronto Star. The Left will not stop smearing Ford. Most of the MSM is in their pockets but this time round the bloggers hold the fort....... AND WE WILL WIN.

If you happen to be a Torontonian, empower yourself by helping to get Rob Ford elected as mayor of Toronto.  Canada needs good, decent, non-Communist leaning people in high places.   All you need to do is inform other  Torontonians you happen to know about Rob Ford.  Once they know more about this mayoral candidate and what he stands for, the choice they make on voting day will be easy and inevitable.   Please pass the word around.  We need Rob Ford more than he needs us.


  1. Hi, great blog, thought you might be interested in this good piece (url below) on how the left has played into the hands of Islamic radicals by buying into this stupid idea of "Islamophobia" (scared of Islamism? Yeh - a bit! - no other religion's adherents have set off bombs in my hometown!). Anyway I've never voted for a Conservative before but I'm tired of the Raes (Kyle and Bob) and looking for a fresh start. This time last year we were mired in garbage and Kyle Rae as on a seven week holiday in Europe. Today, Rae is in Vienna attending the AIDS conference despite the fact that those things have little value any more and the conference materials are on line. $8500 for a meeting? In a recession? Two months before he's out of here? I have no love of Rob Ford but he's better than Smitherman and WILL do things differently. We need that. Thanks.

  2. I've said it before: send in CRA. At the very least, all these unauthorized expenses could be considered employment benefits and - therefore - the employees who so indulge could face hefty tax bills.

  3. Good point. Someone got 'em on parking that way. I actually researched his Vienna trip and even assuming he "needed" to go, it could have been done much cheaper by a good purchasing agent. I even gave him a five-star hotel - just to make the point - and costed it out just over half of what he was paying. It's not as though the date would have caught him by surprise. It should have been booked last year. Anyway, I sent all my material to the Ford Campaign. I can never get over this lot and how they can't even realize on a strategic basis how counterproductive it is in politics to be such hypocrites. Champagne socialism will bankrupt us yet, Frances!


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