Friday, July 16, 2010

Faster, faster England... faster please... Part Seven

Kill yourself by shariah. Your post-mortem might prove to be our salvation.

1) A Roman Catholic schoolgirl's mother objects to the school's jaunt to a local mosque where her daughter would have to "dress as a muslim" but gets a sternly worded warning letter from the headmaster saying she had no choice.

2) This British judge belongs to the same club as the Canadian judge Sal Lovecchio who refused to give jail time to a mother who killed her daughter. Is the world crazy enough for you or not? The Canadian one must be the president of that unholy club and this UK one must be a full-time member for ruling that a pedophile is not a danger to society. If you visit the link, you will find many other instances of British judges who should be locked up until their dying day.  Wonder if some kind of lawsuit can be filed against the nitwit Canadian Lovecchio.

3) Physical abuse of kids at mosques. "Can't learn the Koran, take that and that and that. Consider these just taps compared to the lashes you will get when we have full shariah in this infidel England."

4) BBC = Best Buddy of Crazies, they are better buddies of terrorists than Al Jazeera TV ever will be and that's saying it all.

5) Violent crime on the increase against white men and women

If you  love Canada you will try to save it from these cavemen.   STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO CANADA IMMEDIATELY.    99% of muslim immigrants are like a cancer slowing eating away at Canada. Stop being politically correct, PC is another vile disease

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  1. The mother noted in your commentary did have a choice; she could simply say "stuff it". So long as people keep kow-towing to the progressive social engineers, their freedom of choice will be eroded. Tell them to go to hell. Randy Weaver was murdered in Montana by the U.S. government because he refused to go along with the coercive tactics of some state bureaucrat. Sometimes the price you pay is worth the salvation of your self esteem.


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