Friday, July 30, 2010

Lefty moochers from Univ. of Ottawa misusing funds

Ah Hah .... what do we have here?  G20 protestors from Univ.of Ottawa.  Why are we not surprised. So...... The University of Ottawa's  leftish students who are priming themselves to major in mooching off the State and seeking entitlement from the govt and taxpayers without putting in a stitch of work, are already very proficient on how to mooch off other students' money for their own ghoulish jaunts. Where are the parents of these misguided idiots?  I hold them equally responsible.   Shame.

The president of the University of Ottawa Campus Conservatives is expressing anger at what he says is a "blatant misuse" of student fees after the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa used student union dues to bus about 50 student protesters to the G20 Summit at Toronto in June.

"I highly doubt that every single student who has to pay those fees would be happy to know their money was being spent to send a few individuals to protest for the weekend," Peter Flynn said.

Flynn said the decision to use SFUO budgets to rent the bus was an example of a "cabal of certain individuals using student money-at-large to donate it to their own pet projects."

The SFUO's Student Appeal Centre, Foot Patrol, Women's Resource Centre and Pride Centre combined resources from their student-funded budgets to come up with nearly $1,000 to rent the bus............

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  1. What is it with universities today? If I were their parents I would suspend my childs funding. I bet it is the social science students doing the protesting. They get in with the lowest marks to learn a skill with the lowest pay with the other lowest common denominator people. They will have no practical skills to work in the real world unless they force it on us. Future totalitarians all.


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