Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brigitte Gabriel on Arizona borders and terrorists

Brigitte Gabriel, having been born in Lebanon knows what it is like to live in a muslim country. Those who belittle the dangers of islam have never ever taken even a dozen steps inside those unholy places leave along  lived with extremist militant groups for years and years before escaping to the West like Gabriel and her family.  Her op-ed in Washington Post spells out the dangers of the porous border. Obama and his admin and also the previous admins of Bush and Clinton will have to bear the burden of guilt if a biological weapon finds it's way over the Arizona border. Everybody knows that it's not just Mexicans and South Americans making their way to the USA.

......Our biggest threat is that a nuclear, dirty or biological bomb could be smuggled by OTMs into America soon. Hezbollah, the most sophisticated terrorist organization today, trains al Qaeda members in centers in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley before they leave for terror destinations via Syria, my sources there report. The organization manufactures IEDs in Lebanon and has perfected their use since the 1980s.

An alliance between the drug cartels and Hezbollah is a symbiotic, win-win situation for both parties. Hezbollah can share its expertise in tunnel-engineering and bomb-making with the drug cartels. The cartels can then smuggle dealers and drugs through these tunnels, several of which have been discovered in recent years, while Hezbollah smuggles terrorists and munitions to be used in terror missions in America. ...............

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