Thursday, July 8, 2010

Compare and Contrast .... Canada's Sense and Sensibility v/s America's stupidity

On July 7, 2010, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced $20 Million in funding for AIMS which is an institute targeting bright young genuises from Africa to reach their potential and in so doing bring Africa out of the shit-hole it has been languishing in for centuries.

 At the announcement of this funding, the PM stated:     "History shows that our world becomes safer, healthier and more stable through advances made in science and technology. Humanity's ascent from ignorance and barbarism to enlightenment and equality has been a fitful and uneven process. If there is, however, a universal constant in human affairs, it is that the expansion of knowledge and technology has continuously made life better for more people. That's why our government is supporting scientific and technological research, as well as development at home and abroad."....

And what did the idol of those who see unicorns and rainbows and Lucy in the sky with diamonds give to people who do not need the largess heaped on them?  You really can't make this stuff up, really you can't !    On June 9, 2010, the dumbo in the WH pledged $400 million to the palestinians. Yup .... you read that right. Can anybody really have any doubts about Obama's covert anti-semitism?  This man who went the extra mile to hide his true religious beliefs while he was running for the presidency, now gives all those sheeple who voted for him the middle finger and gives it with his ever-so-charming smile.  The goal of anyone heaping funds and  goods and screaming their lungs out on behalf of palestinians.... is a very simple one.  They want to empower the enemy of their  enemy.

And, that's not all.  The $400 Million is over and beside the $900 Million that was pledged to the palestinians in early 2009.  All in all, the United States of Amusement has pledged more than 3 BILLION to the palestinians. And, we wonder why our neighbours are going under !  The idiots are funding terrorists to buy weaponry with which  they can create more strife in that part of the world.

Oh, BTW ... media like the Ottawa Citizen had approximately 50 words to say about our PM's announcement in Waterloo, Ont.  Any bets how many thousands of words, of PRAISE no less, would have been jumping out of that rotten rag if by chance the funds had been directed towards Gaza? I didn't bother to check what the CBC or CTV or other media had to say about the funding to AIMS... if PM Harper has done a sensible thing, then it is not newsworthy to the socialist rags and the socialist TV channels.


update:   If first link does not work, go directly to the press release here:

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