Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where are the Palestinian lovers now?

Come out, come out from wherever you are. Come on, don't be shy... we want to see you in all your lying glory.    So.... come on out you lousy hypocrites. If there is no Israeli angle in the Palestinian story, then the lying lefty hypocrites remain silent as the grave. Cowards!!!  Why not tell the world how palestinians are treated in Lebanon and other parts of the muslim world?  Why, lefties, why?

When was the last time the United Nations Security Council met to condemn an Arab government for its mistreatment of Palestinians?

How come groups and individuals on university campuses in the US and Canada that call themselves "pro-Palestinian" remain silent when Jordan revokes the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians?

The plight of Palestinians living in Arab countries in general, and Lebanon in particular, is one that is often ignored by the mainstream media in West.

How come they turn a blind eye to the fact that Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and many more Arab countries continue to impose severe travel restrictions on Palestinians?

And where do these groups and individuals stand regarding the current debate in Lebanon about whether to grant Palestinians long-denied basic rights, including employment, social security and medical care? Or have they not heard about this debate at all? Probably not, since the case has failed to draw the attention of most Middle East correspondents and commentators.

A news story on the Palestinians that does not include an anti-Israel angle rarely makes it to the front pages of Western newspapers.

The demolition of an Arab-owned illegal building in Jerusalem is, for most of these correspondents, much more important than the fact that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Lebanon continue to suffer from a series of humiliating restrictions.......


  1. Ask any Israeli and they will tell you: the Palestinians are just a pretext for getting rid of Israel. The rest of the Middle East doesn't like them. Once Israel is gone, the Palestinians will find their lands carved up among the other powers in the region.

  2. Good question and one I have wondered about myself.

  3. All good questions. Even worse, Jordan and Syria have killed thousands of 'Palestinians' to resounding silence from the usual suspects.


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