Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy to be a Homeless Hobo In Toronto

I am a happy homeless hobo, that's because Mayor Miller loves me true;
Each day is rainbow colored thanks to my three bottles of booze;
all courtesy of Councillers so good.
I am a happy wino in happy Toronto, happy, happy, so very happy;
Three cheers for Mayor Miller, the blonde benefactor
Taxpayer-paid wine down my throat, so sweet the red, the white has a little zing;
Oh how happy to be in Toronto, happy, happy, happy;
Cigarette anyone ? I get loads of them, courtesy the Mad Mayor of Toronto

. Read item C1 and C2 on page 13 of these Minutes. Rob Ford, Councillor and mayoral candidate tries his best to get rid of wasteful spending of approx.80K. In these minutes his recommendations are to eliminate the "3 bottles of wine" and "free cigarettes" every day...given to the homeless hobo addicts. The Minutes note that Rob Ford is requesting:

amending the 2007 Operating Budget for Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (Recommendation F14) by:

1. eliminating the free “three bottles of wine a day” program under the Harm Reduction strategy in Shelter Services for savings of $59,000.00; and

2. eliminating the free cigarettes program under the Harm Reduction strategy in Shelter Services, for savings of $17,000.00;
Torontonians please make sure everyone on your mailing list becomes aware of this.  Read the Minutes and you will be stunned to see the extent of the wasteful projects and services that the Mayor and his merry band of entitlement seekers bestow on themselves and then pass on the largess to other entitlement seekers. Granted the Minutes are more than a year old, but the story repeats again and again.  The sooner we spread the word about Rob Ford to everyone all around, the better the chances for Councillor Ford to become our Mayor. Make sure that everyone you know, knows about    And get them to send the link on to everybody they know.

Success awaits us. Let's take our city back from these big spenders, generous to a fault..... with our money.

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