Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eyewitness account of British police brutality towards EDL

British Police can be brutal to the EDL but they are scared stiff of muslim madmen (remember the riots some months ago and how they were like Olympic runners and we could see only their butts in retreat from the muslim mobs?).   Here's an eyewitness account of "some" of the police brutality the EDL encountered in Dudley yesterday.

.....The remaining coaches from several divisions, including Luton and London divisions, arrived later and due to this, they were not allowed to join us. The police had used metal gates to close the whole road leading up to the car park. So these guys got separated from us. And since the police also fenced up the whole are, most were unable to join too.

There were about 600 - 800 of them in this group.

We played music, did our speeches and everything was very peaceful up to then. After the speeches, some of the EDL boys started running and we didn't know what was happening.

As it turns out, the EDL guys that were inside the car park with us, tried to get the police to allow the other members to come and join us in the car park but were received with BLOWS TO THEIR HEADS!!

I saw this 17 year old boy, Craig Molyneux from the WIGAN division, who had blood all over his face, and his head was bleeding profusely. I walked up to him, dragged him to where the stage had been, and cleaned his head with some tissue, and then I saw the size of the gash on his head. I was shocked. The boy was really hurt, and upset......

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