Friday, July 2, 2010

Faster, faster England... faster please

The sooner you shariah yourself completely the better for Canada and the USA. We will have two advantages. 1) Hopefully the radical muslims from here will migrate over there as they will have their very own shariah kingdom on Christian soil... a truly big victory for muslims. 2) The powers-that-be at this end and the other dhimmis will get to see what happens when a Christian country goes under islamic shariah laws and that should open their eyes as nothing else will.

Atlas Shrugs has managed to get a vid which shows how the Left, vileful haters of Israel and anything Jewish,  join forces with muslims to find and destroy goods from Israel at a Tesco supermarket. 

I have seen such incidents first hand in France. I was in Paris in late 2006 and was in a supermarket when a similar incident occured.  From almost nowhere, more than half a dozen rowdy middle eastern men entered the small narrow supermarket and started sweeping stuff from the shelves unto a cart. They took the cart outside and tore open the packages and strewed the contents all over the pavement. What an extraordinary and ferocious scene that was.  I was told by the security man, who looked like a middle eastern guy himself, that the goods taken were Israeli and there was a boycott on Israeli goods. While the hooligans were raiding the Israeli goods, the security guard did nothing, nada, nil.  Just watched them cooly.

Be afraid people. Never take your freedom for granted.  If you don't defend it now, then you don't deserve it.

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