Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faster, faster England..... faster please.... Part Five

Put an end to your misery. Embrace shariah and get it over with.

1) Now even non-muslim doctors have to fast at Ramadan   It's called " practitioners practising to
 embrace shariah on  empty stomachs and empty skulls".

2) Terrorists demand they get cells with same color inmates as others are "too white". That's not racism, no, not even by a 1000 light years. It's called "religion of peace".... didn't you know?

3) Toilets in jails must not be placed facing Mecca. So dhimmi England builds new ones to accommodate the muslim inmates or the hordes of others converting to it in prisons. Why? Because muslim inmates get special perks and privileges.... didn't you know?

4) Culture Minister wants to get rid of age old British traditions and culture. Yup, gotta appease and accommodate the culture that's better than England's, right? They have already surrendered their national identity to shariah lovers so get rid of the traditions too, why not?

5) Killing is a way of life, even when you are a 15 year old British muslim. Your girlfriend dumps you? Get your cousin and arm yourself with matches and such. and go burn her house down and reduce her to cinders alongwith her sister. Too bad the parents escaped death, or did they, when their 2 young daughters are dead?

Dear readers, at the risk of being labelled a wacko and a muslim hater, I will keep posting this kind of news bytes so you become aware of what is happening in England. The more Canadians who are aware of the deteriorating situation in the UK, the stronger we will become to keep such things from happening here and determined to keep all aspects of shariah away from Canada. The first step in achieving this goal is to put an end to muslim immigration. If the Canadian govt. is not wise enough to do that and do it quickly, there is no hope that Canada will not go the way of England, NONE whatsoever. In your heart of hearts you know that.

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