Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will the Govt. stop funding the Pride Parade now?

74% say "I don't take part in Pride festivities"    So.... would you say it is logical to assume that Mayor Miller, Police Chief Blair and Premier McGuinity are spending taxpayers' money  on themselves, right?  All for looking at scantily clad bodies gyrating in the streets in an obscene and depraved fashion.  A gay man I have known for years says that the only time he is ashamed to be openly gay is during the Pride Parade week.  Hear that?   Normal, decent, ordinary hard working gays don't want to push their sexual preferences  into our faces. 

Why can't we put this issue to a referendum and see if the general public want to see these parades continue to exist or if we can pull the plug and let NGOs and the gays themselves support this vile behaviour in our streets?   No more coddling..... enough is enough.   Send the results of this poll around to everybody you know.  Don't let the media feed you lies about how much the city of Toronto loves this parade and how much fun it all happens to be.  Depravity is fun for only those who partake of it.

What do you like best about Pride Week?
The concerts 3%
The parade 11%
The street parties 10%
The costumes 3%
I don't take part in Pride festivities 74%

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