Thursday, July 22, 2010

In New York, New York ...

from yesterday with a rich relative of mine.  Just have to  carry her laptop and her baggage and be a general maid and I got myself a fully paid vac of 5 days.  Yipee.   Long live rich, generous relatives.

Did the Staten ferry thing today and visited Ground Zero.  Came away with a lump in my throat.  New York is crowded, crowded, crowded this time of the year.   Droves of people and students from other States all coming to witness the Ground Zero area.  While I was standing watching the crowds and the work in progress at Ground Zero, saw no less than 4 boy scout groups and other school groups coming to see the harrowed grounds

Right now we are sitting at an outdoors pub, blissfully drunk,  but if I come down from the high, going to the park for a free show  of  Winter's Tale.  

Love New York.   Very vibrant and no other city in the world can compare with it.

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