Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Torontonians ... Vote for Rob Ford ..... We need him

The others in the mayoral running are the run-of-the-mill politicians. They learn their comebacks to any questions from you from text books written especially for con men. If you were watching the mayoral debate on CP24 a couple of weeks back you know that I am right. Remember how the woman candidate was responding to the question from an audience member? There was nothing genuine about her or her stance. Text book sentences which can be used as responses to  any number of questions from you... they learn them by heart and use them as a mixture to sound genuinely concerned and full of knowledge.  The main "failing" that I see in councillor Rob Ford is that he is too open and honest and that is what frustrates his opponents and endears him to many of us.

Here below are two items that show how good money goes down the Mayor David Miller drain. This should help you and your family and friends to make up your minds whether you want another wasteful, union lover for a mayor or you want the city run like you would run your own house and home.

 Motion 1B - Toronto Environment Office (Recommendation 25)   That the 2009 Operating Budget for the Toronto Environment Office be amended by: 1. Weather Study - deleting funding for the Weather Study, for a savings of $505,000 gross and $0 net.    Results of Motion 1B:  Lost 
17 "Yes" votes to 28 "No" votes

I wonder which relative(s) of the councillors from the 28 who voted to throw this money away  got the contract for the useless study that cost Toronto taxpayers half a million.

$10 Million in environmental assessment for part of the Gardiner highway teardown

If you want to make Toronto into a better place, pass the word around about mayoral candidate Rob Ford to every other voting Torontonian

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