Friday, July 23, 2010

Toronto... we need Rob Ford more than he needs us

On Wednesday, just when I was on my way out  heading for New York,   I got a call for a telephone conference with  Rob Ford along with 7000 other people in my area of Toronto.  I wish I was not in such a hurry otherwise I  would have continued listening in and probably chiming in with some questions. 

Rob is the very first candidate that I can recall having taken this excellent  mode of getting in touch with Torontonians and getting their feel of things and what he can do better if he becomes our mayor.  In just the few minutes I listened in, these were the things on the minds of  the participants and Ford's responses on
what he intends doing if  he wins the election.

1)  Ford intends to do away with 22 city councillor jobs which he feels are not needed.  Right now the city has approx. double that number.
2)  The savings would be utilized in creating 100 jobs for police officers as Ford feels that a growing city like Toronto needs more security and policing.
3)  He intends "doing his best" to contract out the garbage removal.  As you know, this is a sore spot with Torontonians after all of us were blackmailed and held at ransom by the Unions during the  "stink Toronto some more"  issue.  Ford says, Etiobicoke, his constituency, had no problem during the garbage strikes because Etiobicoke contracts out their garbage collection.  He said, that by not having this in the clutches of the Unions, they save approx. 2 million a year. 

So it looks like Etiobicoke not only saves money but they do not suffer like the rest of us when the lords and ladies under the sponsorhip of  the dark lord himself, Sid Rynd, decides they want to punish us for giving them all those juicy perks and  salaries that are just a dream for many of us.

Maybe someone else might be able to fill in on  the rest of the stuff discussed in the telecon.


  1. A conference call with 7000 other people to listen to Rob Ford? Are you mad or has the weather affected your judgment?

  2. Why? were you there? Did I hear 7000 instead of 700?
    Why not dispute it the proper way by telling me that there was no such telecon or that the telecon was not for 7000 people? If you have proper info to discredit my statements, tell them clearly or Shut the Fuck Up.


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