Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faster, faster England.... faster please .... Part Six

England, your tombstone is almost ready. The epitaph reads:

"Here lies England, the divider of nations halfway across the world;
She gave herself whole into the bloody hands of murderers."

1) British muslim parents in a row over their precious darlings being taught music as their religion forbids them from playing musical instruments. Never mind that music is a compulsory part of the national curriculum.... if it is anti-islam.... it is not for their British muslim kids.

2) Galloway is never satisfied with all the muslim ass licking he does on a daily basis, even a whole field of uplifted asses will not do it for him. At a rally, he says: (EDL) activists would have to fight their way “through 10,000 dead bodies” if they interfered with members of the Islamic faith in Britain. With such dimwits amongst the ruling body, what chances would you give for England's survival?

3) To save muslim modesty an "ultra modern" designed pool had to blacken all it's 250 windows.

4) Anger made the British muslim men kill on 7/7 because British soldiers were killing their brothers in Afghanistan, so says a leader of the muslim community with all conviction. He goes on to say "....the responsibility to deter young men from radicalisation lies with the Government...." None of the atrocities committed by muslims is ever their fault.... didn't you know?

You see, you can take a muslim out of his own muslim country and give him all the perks and benefits of the western world, but you cannot make him into a true citizen of it. No sirree.... never, ever.

Something very simple to understand but rarely ever gets inside the thick skulls of the dhimmis amongst us, is the fact that muslim immigrants to western countries might be here for generations, but only 1% MIGHT assimilate with the adopted country's populace. 99% will never ever, not even to their dying day. You can take that statement of mine to the bank, deposit it at 10000% interest and make yourself rich. That's how sure I am of it's truth and validity.

STOP muslim immigration to Canada, unless you want to change the country's name to Canadistan.  Twenty years ago if you had said to the citizens of Britian that they would be in deep shit a couple of decades later, they would have thought you were a wacko, just like you are thinking I am one now. 

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