Monday, July 19, 2010

Capt.Semrau found "not guilty" of murder

This five-member court panel had their heads screwed on tight. They did the right thing. If Capt.Semrau had been found guilty of murder, it would have been gross injustice.... even by the deplorable Canadian justice standards and even though this trial was conducted by a military court. First and above all, the trial was highly questionable because the body of the taliban fighter was never found.  Only in a world gone completely bonkers do we get to see unrealistic dramas such as these while we watch like in a nightmare.

An unprecedented court martial has found Canadian Forces Capt. Robert Semrau not guilty of murder in a battlefield shooting in Afghanistan.

He was convicted on the lesser military charge of disgraceful conduct.

The five-member court panel, the equivalent of a military jury, spent two and a half days considering the case against the 36-year-old officer.....


  1. His career is over with a disgraceful conduct charge, however.

    Only in PC Canada, where we prosecute those we give license to do violence on our behalf, to preserve our way of life.

    There are still waaaay too many political soldiers and civilians in the DND, holdovers from the Liberal appointment era.

  2. Not only is his military career over, the poor man will be shunned in many circles, including the military ones.
    These soldiers go to those god-forsaken ends of the world on our behalf and then we pay them in the most horrific ways possible.
    Canada... we have a problem.


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