Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Labor Unions are killing the State of New York

There is no hope for a country when the corrupt become all-powerful. There is no hope for America when elections are rigged and manipulated by the Unions and corruption runs rife within both the main parties. Herbert I. London is president of Hudson Institute and professor emeritus of New York University and he discloses what he fears is happening to the State of New York.

....A political force of enormous power has emerged, based on municipal employees. Between New York City and New York State there are approximately 625,000 public service employees. Assuming that there is at least one other voting member in their families (a conservative estimate), the 1,250,000 means, in effect, that this voting bloc controls two-thirds of an election, as it is estimated that two million votes are needed for a statewide position. This bloc invariably votes for the party or candidates that will extend public benefits and raise taxes. The reality in New York is that the extension of public expenditures has driven private capital out of the state and possibly out of existence. While it is assumed the Democratic party is culpable of fiscal irresponsibility, a claim that is clearly justified, the Republicans under Governor George Pataki and the majority in the State Senate, have been just as irresponsible....

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  1. That is a great example of what happens when capitalism dies or the lefty unions kill it.


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