Monday, March 28, 2011

Canadian in name .... Kuwait and Bahrain in game

Why are these people granted Canadian citizenship if they prefer to live in the countries they hail from and the countries they will call "home" to their dying day ? Canada will never be home to these moslems.... NEVER !!! The very fact that they want to import their set of rules and regulations aka Shariah Law should tell our dhimmified politicians that the moslem invasion of Canada via our stupidly slack immigration rules is destroying the country for those of us who call Canada "our home, our house, our country".

Any bets that the missing man went to Bahrain to participate in the protests going on there?   There's a strong indication that those protests are instigated and funded by Iran. 

....The family of a missing Ottawa man is terrified for his safety
and is begging the Canadian government to intervene after he vanished last Sunday.

"He was either arrested or kidnapped from the Bahrain airport," a distraught Sadeq Al Raas, 26, said about his brother, Naser Al Raas, 28.

A Canadian citizen living in Kuwait, Naser Al Raas flew to Bahrain on March 6 to visit his five sisters.....

And pray tell ... why are these moslems screaming for Canada to interfere in the affairs of Bahrain ... like they are demanding in the vid below in their protest march in Montreal.   Our Immigration Dept better pay heed to this utter nonsense going on with these people. It is about time that Jason Kenney changed the Immigration Booklet once again, because  we desperately need  a new clause  to be inserted therein.

That clause should read something like this:

"Once you become a citizen of Canada, you will consider Canada to be your home. Canada will not be responsible, in any word, deed or shape, for the hellhole you have migrated from and the wars and battles going on in those hellholes and Canada will not tolerate you jamming our streets and deafening the ears of Canadians with foolish demands and requests to oust the govts of the hellholes you have come from.  If you insist on doing so, you will be deported to the hellholes whence you can perform your jihadist duties to your heart's content... just don't do it in Canada."

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