Thursday, March 24, 2011

All on the uprisings which will "bloom" into civil wars

Lot of stuff to digest from the news on what's happening in the dictatordoms of the moslem world.

In the vid below see what's happening in Yemen. Protestors are shot and wounded in hundreds, but those poor guys have no oil fields.... so who cares, eh?!   Also, this country is under the wing of Saudi Arabia .... and by now we all know how all USA Presidents and the UN ... practically live and breathe under SA's smelly robes.

In Syria .... their long-necked dictator and their corrupt govt. is not wanted anymore. Syria happens to be a staunch friend and ally of Iran..... and I wouldn't put it past Iran to intervene in this situation. And don't forget... Syria has been arming Hamas and Hezbollah for a long time now.  Iran sends the arsenal to Syria and then Syria does the distribution. 

From the Globe&Mail: Syria has moved suddenly to crush growing protests in the country, an act in sharp contrast to previous conciliatory efforts by President Bashar al-Assad. As many as 15 people were killed Wednesday when security forces moved on a mosque in the southern city of Daraa in which protest organizers were based.

From TheAustralian:  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime secretly provided information to Britain and the US on Islamic extremists  in the east of Libya, according to leaked diplomatic cables and intelligence sources. The names of hundreds of suspects were passed to the CIA and British intelligence.....

What the above article does not tell you is that someone was financing and arming Eastern Libyans to revolt against Gaddafi.  Why did the East Libyans hate the dictator more than us?  Answer: Because he was less for allah akbar than themselves. 

The Australian goes on to say this: “There was a strong, shared concern between Gaddafi and the US and UK Governments about radical Sunni jihadist terrorists, including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),” Paul Pillar, a CIA veteran who negotiated with Libya over its nuclear program, told The Times. Diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks paint eastern Libya as a fertile ground for radical extremism. One source told US officials in 2008 that for young men from Derna, a city east of Benghazi, “resistance against coalition forces in Iraq was an important act of 'jihad' and a last act of defiance against the Gaddafi regime”......

Whether we want to admit it or not, what we are seeing is not only the start of several civil wars, but a strife between Sunni and Shiites.... which will create havoc like the kind seen in Ireland with the Catholics and Protestants killing each other in the most barbaric ways for decades on end. 
This bit of news from TheNational will drive home the point I am trying to make: Bahrain's civil aviation authority has suspended flights </a> to and from Lebanon as civil unrest in the Gulf state continues to disrupt airlines.

"This decision was taken after the irresponsible comments and stances from Lebanon against Bahrain, its people and leaders," the state-owned Bahrain news agency reported, citing a statement from the Civil Aviation Affairs department.

On Tuesday, Bahrain's foreign ministry warned Bahrainis not to travel to Lebanon for their own safety and said the warning was issued because of threats and interference. Lebanon is the third country where Gulf Air and Bahrain Air, the two airlines based in Bahrain, have temporarily suspended services. Last week, the airlines cut routes to Iran and Iraq, two countries also featuring sizeable Shiite populations.

According to Bahraini authorities, the protestors were anything but peaceful, and Bahrain had to take drastic measures to curtail their hostilities.

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