Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Libyan initiative designed to take our attention away from Saudi Arabia ?

I wouldn't put it past the UN to cook up a situation and make it look very dire ... so dire that NATO are pushed into bombarding Libya ... and while the world is focused on Libya... Saudi Arabia sends it's troops to Bahrain to wreck havoc on Bahraini rebellion and kills, maims and makes a deadly chop-chop with the protestors in their own country as well.

I said from the outset of the Libyan uprising, that this was a well planned move by UN and their cohoots... sad to see that Canada is also amongst the crooks. Remember.... Canada, USA, France and others sent their warships to that region almost a month ago. They wanted and desired this move against Libya. Yes, Libyan govt is BAD and I would love to see Gaddafi cut into a million bits... at least that might give some solace to the families of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing.... but don't for a moment think that the UN and it's cronies were not planning the onslaught weeks, and maybe months, in advance.

And lookee here, Pakistanis are all for the revolutions. "We are respectable people" says a Pakistani. LOL

How come the situation in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman and other Emirates, Sultanates, whatever, in that part of the world is hardly worthy of news? The powers-that-be wanted to blow up the situation in Libya and the conclusion can be one and only one. While the world is focused on Libya, Saudi Arabia will quell the uprisings in the Sunni governed areas of the Middle East and Africa. There are reports that Saudi and UAE cops and plain clothes army personnel are already in Yemen.

It looks like the UN and the Western nations have decided to throw their lot with the Sunni governed nations. Oil .... baby.... oil. Saudi oil and Saudi money rules the world. It matters not that the Sunni ideology has enslaved women and Saudi money is largely reponsible for indoctrinating the young towards violent jihad and nuturing hatred towards western civilization ... all on western soil.

If only the Green movement in Iran had been successful, this mess would not have happened and I could have been wholly on the side of a new intelligent Iranian regime to get rid of Saudi Arabian lunatics and take control of their oil and money. Sadly, that revolution came to nought because the USA remained mum as did the UN. No cries to save the Iranian citizens who were murdered by the Iranian govt. No warships to spare to send to the aid of the Iranian student revolution. No sirreee. Plenty of aid to keep Saudi Arabia's continuance of degradation of women and human rights.

Yup ... We live in a strange world indeed.  And it will get stranger as we rush headlong towards WW III.  The conflicts in the moslem world are not of our doing and we should have stayed far, far, far, far, away from them. 

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