Friday, March 4, 2011

London School of Economics = Libya's sinful ethics

Oh my my.... how far those Brits have fallen! First they sold their castles to the highest bidders from the Middle East all gaga for their petro dollars, then they sold their churches to the moslems so they could convert those marvellous structures into their minarets, then they welcomed the budding terrorist-wanna-be kids of the dictators and torturers from the oil rich moronic countries as exchange students or not, then they freed the murderer of hundreds of innocents because they wanted those oil contracts from Libya, then they accepted all those hundreds of thousands of pounds from yucky folks so those nasty kids could get those nicely stamped, sealed and highly regarded certificates certifying that they have majored in this and that, while they were not.... all for money.  Oh.... those Brits !!  They didn't stop at dividing and conquering other lands... they brought it all the way to their own too.  Trouble makers decades ago and still at it.

....Amid controversy over its Libyan links, the university announced on Wednesday it was cutting ties with the Gaddafi family and that it would donate up to £300,000 to struggling Libyan students. It is also investigating claims that Saif al-Islam plagiarised his LSE PhD thesis.....

In other news.... the battles and stand-offs in Libya continue unabated.

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