Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toronto Police ..... out to lunch 24/7 .... if you are the good guy

Nothing to see here.... move along. This is what you get when you have moslem infiltrators in the leftist Labor Union-run organizations that are supposed to  look into threats and give crooks and criminals the evil eye... but those evil eyes and  nasty demeanor is reserved solely for the good guys....  a criminal is a  cop's best buddy .... don't you know?   

....No matter how much pain a cancerous tumour can cause, Tarek Fatah says he knows a threat when he sees one.

This one on Twitter last month was not even veiled. "This is an open threat to Xaar Boy @Tarek Fatah. I know where you live & and where your office is."

The hospital, which moved him to another room and took his name off their registry, has taken it seriously.

But has Toronto Police?......

.....While there may be "valid reasons not to lay charges" the MCC's Bakhtiar said the "optics of the Toronto police assigning Muslim officers to investigate threats made by radicals against liberal Muslims and then not charging them, leaves the impression that when it comes to the safety of liberal Muslims, the TPS is more interested in multiculturalism rather than to serve and protect." ......

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