Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How a defeated budget will give the Harper Govt a majority

By rejecting the budget and taking us into an election, the opposition parties are handing over a majority to the Conservatives ....all on a golden platter. Canadians have not stopped boasting about how our economy performed and kept us from going under ... all thanks to the Harper Government. How foolish of the opposition to think that Canadians will want to hand over the still fragile economy into the hands of a coalition or even the Liberal party, knowing that these parties are wont to give out contracts, monies and what have you, like confetti .... and doom us into a recession that we have barely escaped by a thin thread. 
And, I am not the only one who thinks so.

John Ibbitson of the Globe&Mail says: ....But the Conservatives were ready and willing be defeated because it strengthens Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s already robust position

The sane thing to do now, if the opposition wants to play it cool and still keep Harper under their thumbs, is to approve the budget with some minor enhancements. If they want to play macho and insist on an election, (elections cost money, taxpayers' money)  they will only have themselves to blame for giving Harper a majority. The singing sensation has become a real sensation with the immigrant segment of the populace who are largely from India and China and we all know how  capitalistic those countries happen to be.... the Canadian-Chinese and the Canadian-Indians alone will be enough to push the Tories to their long-desired majority rule.  These two societies  do not want to see the wasteful practices of the Liberal party, leave alone the coalition's, which would be a  multiplication of  3 times the waste.

Such a simple, plain fact staring us all in the face. But will the opposition parties see what we the voters see ?

Do they ever ? on anything ?

I for one, am waiting to see what the "unfettered" Harper will do when he gets his majority.  His die-hard fans seem to think that his hands are tied and that is the reason why he seems more Liberal than the libs.  
We will soon know who is right.   I say we have a closet Liberal in Harper and a majority will make no big difference as long as he is in power.

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