Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moslems are hot for a caliphate not democracy

I know for a fact, because past history has shown us the non-democratic behaviour of moslems, that moslems and democracy are like oil and water. The two will never mix. They might meet and marry, but the marriage will be short-lived and the divorce will be messy and bloody.

The upheaval going on in the moslem nations will graduate into countless, unending civil wars and it is completely stupid and will be totally fruitless for the West to try and defuze the situation(s) in those nations. The end result in each and every moslem nation will be the coming to power of an extremist islamic governance ... more in line with Saudi Arabia and Iran. Isn't that the reason why in all this turmoil these are the only two countries with govts that seem to have an iron grip on their citizens' throats.... to show their mastery over their subjects? Both Saudi Arabia and Iran are the main pieces on this particular chessboard. Everybody else, including the foolish nations that have rushed to Libya, are just pawns which will be discarded with a flip of a finger ... the middle one.

It's better to get used to the fact that there will be no moslem oil for the USA. No moslem oil for the UK. No moslem oil for the EU.  Dig or drill your own or do without.  If anybody is relying on Saudi Arabian oil ... perish the thought. It's inevitable that Saudi Arabia's uprising will rise again. They quelled it once ... with the UN, USA and the media conveniently turning a blind eye.... but they won't be successful in putting down the protestors the next time. The tsunami raging on in the moslem nations will be the biggest we have ever seen. Don't forget to add popcorn to your weekly grocery list from now on. We will need lots of it to accompany the entertainment being provided.

Once the entire bing bang of nutcase nations out there join in the caliphate ... the West will not get a single drop of their oil.  Guess who will?  China, Russia and maybe India ... those sly tricky ones who have kept themselves out of the mess going on in those hellholes will benefit from the coming caliphate. 

Listen to the commentators in the PressTV vid broadcasting from Tehran and it will drive home the point many of us are making that the majority of moslems think that the West are to blame for everything that goes wrong in their countries.

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