Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In which an unborn baby will testify, Saudi women might buy super cars, and brave world leaders kick dictators....but only when they are down and out

1) ....fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected. Faith2Action, the anti-abortion group that has targeted Ohio to pilot the measure, called the in-utero witness the youngest to ever come before the House Health Committee at 9 weeks old.....

In other news, did you know that Jane Russell who died recently at age 89 was rendered unable to bear children after a botched abortion in her youth and became a staunch advocate for pro-life after that?                                h/t: Irene

2) I feel good about this bit of news coming from Saudi Arabia. It's about time all those young people tasted what freedom is like in that godforsaken desert country where a woman is born into bondage and dies in one.  All those warships rushing to that part of the world, including ours, did you really think they are going there to evacuate non-Libyans trapped in Libya? Get me a break !!! All rushing there to protect Saudi Arabia .... the world's treasure chest for a commodity that enslaves us all.  We too are in as much a bondage as the Saudi women.... without acknowledging the fact.

....The youths have called for the removal of "illegal taxes imposed on poor classes of society, wage increases and job opportunities for young people." The young protesters in Saudi Arabia have also called for the formation of an independent organization to supervise the country's fight against corruption. Freedom of speech, removal of "illegal restrictions” on Saudi women, and a foreign policy based on national interests are among other demands posted on the website....

3) Wow, this is so very "brave"  kicking a man when he's down. Did you hear the Western world clamoring for a probe of the Libyan leader's role in the Lockerbie bombing before now? Everybody wanted to suck up to the dictator and everybody and their uncle turned a blind eye to all the torture stories coming out of that hellhole.  Don't forget the UN members voted for this human rights violator to head up the UN Human Rights dept. Can it get any more laughable? Now, lo and behold, all the Western leaders bar none, seem to have realized that Libya's Ghadafi was probably the numero uno terrorist and very much complicit in the Lockerbie bombing and other terrorist activities. Just how hypocritical can these politicians get? What utter new lows their credibitity sinks to... but it never fazes them one tiny bit.

4) Heard anything from Western leaders regarding the violence by govt. forces in Bahrain?  Of course not ! We all need their oil and their money, don't we?  We  should all hold our criticism until the very last moment when those dictators are about to be thrown out, just like in Libya.  Shhh...not a word.  Let the dictators do whatever they want in Bahrain and Saudi and Oman and everywhere there. Oil and oil money is all we care about.  Although, I must admit that the protestors in Bahrain and also in Saudi are rumored to be sprinkled with Hezbollah and Hamas instigators... but then the innocent and gullible are always prey to these terrorist orgs.  Sad.

5) Refugees from Libya, mostly migrant workers from Egypt, are flooding Tunisia's borders.  The rough estimates are anywhere between 200,000 to half a mil.

6) Hmmmmmmmm...good and about time. A conservative group has put together the boldest legal attempt yet to limit how Muslims worship in America. The Tennessee group, led by Republican Senator Bill Ketron, 57, has proposed a bill to make following some versions of Sharia law a crime punishable by 15 years in jail. They are concerned extremist Muslims want Sharia to supersede the Constitution, but the bill would probably face steep constitutional hurdles if it is enacted.                               h/t: Irene

7) I feel good about this story too. Puppy survives euthanisia            via: Drudge

8) Ah... that ever elusive birth certificate again. Several States introduce new requirements if you want to run for the Presidency of the USA.    A little too late, eh?  The harm has already been done and done deep. 

9) Wanna see how peaceful, tolerant, well-behaved, law abiding and super sweet, union members can be?

Go to UTube to read the comments to see  how disgusted everybody is with this vile behaviour.                        h/t: MF

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