Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battles rage on in Libya

"Women and children used as human shields" .... now where have we heard that before? They have learnt well from their Hamas brothers, haven't they? Or is it the other way around? Did Ghadafi's murderers teach Hamas how to make use of women and kids to save themselves?  The vid below is the battle going on in Benghazi where the most important oil fields are located.

....."These weapons are not enough," said Mohammed Sultan, shaking a jammed AK-47. "They are hitting us with much more force."

But reinforcements began to arrive. Pickup trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns, sent from Benghazi and Ajdabiya, careered maniacally down a coastal road that had been suddenly transformed into the main supply route for the rebels.

Shooting frenziedly, they flung themselves into the fight but the men in the technical institute responded with ever greater vigour, firing 120-mm shells that detonated in and around rebel positions. There were women and children too at the institute, dragged out of their cars on the Tripoli-Benghazi road and taken there to be used as human shields, rebel fighters who claimed to have witnessed the abductions said. ............

vid .. FoxNews on the situation

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