Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dalton McGuinty's Legacy and Canada's Shame

When a few years down the road, historians write about the shameful events still on-going in Caledonia, Ontario, I imagine this is how they will commence that telling:

"One of the most shameful periods in Canada's history happened in the Province of Ontario during the Province's Liberal govt. tenure under  Premier Dalton McGuinty.."

Historians, if they are truthful, will further say:

"This shameful time was also when  the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada were holding sway over Canada, albeit via a Minority Govt."

The blog of Moose and Squirrel has been documenting a large segment of the "hard to believe" horror tales which have come out of Caledonia, and the disgusting events there have not let up even today.  They continue unabated as we speak, in a nation which is considered to be a democracy.

For an indepth reading on this issue go here.

The happenings in Caledonia reflect very badly on all of us.  I am truly amazed that Canadians can be divided on this issue. It's extremely scary to see that Party affiliations are seen as divisions  in a situation that should have only one outcome and only one opinion.  

The Caledonia issue  does not bode well  for any of us....no matter our colors or political stripes.

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