Friday, March 25, 2011

Conservative Govt on way to a Majority on May 2, 2011

Voting against the budget today,  proves once again how childish, short-sighted and brainless the lefties are and always will be. Collapsing the minority Harper govt. at this juncture means giving the Conservative govt a bigger than majority victory in the coming election on May 2. 

If there is something that the Prime Minister excels at above everything else.... it's keeping his finger on the pulse of the voters. He knows that Canadians are in awe of  his economic powers  that have kept us afloat when every day we keep hearing of debt-ridden countries going under.  He knows that a fair and square election will give him a very comfortable majority.

However, if the Libs, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecor play foul and conspire again to form a coalition...then we the people will have to rise again like we did the last time they tried to play that card against Harper. 

The Conservatives need just 11 more seats (if I am not mistaken) to win a majority.

I am predicting here and now, otherwise, I will print out this page on May 3 and eat the paper these words are written on, that Ontario alone will give the Harper Govt. at least 8 or more of those seats.

So bring on the election..... pretty please  !!!


  1. One can only hope the public is smart enough to NOT vote for the liberals. Canada is doing very well, thank you, and what we DON'T need is a liberal governmment....If that happens we are doomed...

  2. dugger - The Libs will never win. Remember the landslide victory that Rob Ford achieved at the Toronto mayorial election? The same will happen here in Ontario for the Conservatives. Ontarians are completely fed-up with Liberals.

    Don't let the Globe&Mail and The Toronto Star commentors make it look like Harper is on his way out. Those are just lefty voices piping up their wishes ... the poor dears. The voting public, especially in Toronto and surrounding areas are made up of Canadian Chinese and Canadian Indians and they for SURE want Harper.
    It's a good thing Iggy is delusional... because that's what will give Harper his majority.


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