Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is Saudi Arabia .... great country for A1 mental health

Saudi Arabia bans the sale of  colorful gowns to women and puts a ban  on female journalists. This is the country that the Western world is all in a ditzy and titzy to save from protestors and the majority shiite population.  Why ???????????????

Saudi Arabia’s feared Islamic police mounted a fresh campaign against clothes shops in one of the Gulf Kingdom’s largest cities to stop them from selling colourful gowns to women, a newspaper reported on Tuesday............

...“The move followed growing attacks through the internet against Saudi female journalists as some consider this against Islam and local traditions.”....

I wonder if the mad mullahs in that Alice in Horrorland hellhole will meet their end after the uprising takes hold there or whether the mad mullahs will come out more victorious.  I am going to be delirious with glee when those Saudi mad mullahs and their appeasers the hordes of royal princes and princesses get what's coming to them.  Is it going to be from the Iran-lead Saudi shiites.... I don't care, I just want them to be toppled from their perches and trampled upon into the dust. 

Saudi Arabia is the single biggest financier of terrorist organizations and the single biggest financier and enabler of Shariah Finance and the instigator for shariah adoption  in non-moslem countries. Their paid minions, both moslem and non-moslems,  have infiltrated every nook and corner of every Western govt body.  Knowing all this, we don't have to wonder  why our Western governments still want to shield this hellhole from falling into nothingness.  We know the answer.  The minions are working overtime to earn their dirty money.

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