Monday, March 21, 2011

Canadian potpourri

Pakistani man marries in Pakistan and then abandons his new wife on her arrival at Pearson airport. Immigration officials have given the bride until Sunday (yesterday?) to leave the country. How about sending the groom back too ?

A new regulatory body for immigration consultants is in the works as part of the federal government's crackdown on scam artists who prey on would-be newcomers to Canada, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced Friday.

Murder by kirpan ... Noooo ... not possible. Why not possible? Because our esteemed leader of the  Liberal party told us so. "Kirpan is not a weapon" said Ignatieff.    Isn't it hilarious how their words come back to take a bite out of their behinds?

Oh look... a Chinese criminal was unlucky enough not to get a dhimmified judge hearing his case. Too bad, so sad, eh? Can we hope for this trend to continue? A Calgary man who led a now defunct street-level drug trafficking gang has been deported. Xi Wen Wu, known as Jason, was convicted of conspiracy to traffic cocaine in May, 2008 while reportedly being the boss of the DC Boys gang, according to Canada Border Services Agency.

Natasha Fatah talks about her father's illness and his fight with two types of cancer... that is imho ... not hers. "He has been fighting militant Islam since his teen years in Pakistan." says the daughter of the activist.

Duceppe says he wants Quebec to get 2 B as compensation for the 1992 agreeing on sales tax ... if he does not get the money... he is not approving the budget.  Promises, promises !!

TD Bank gets robbed again. What's with TD and bank bandits? A dozen witnesses saw a man rob an Ajax bank on Thursday

I wonder how many of the guys in the photograph or their cronies and family members are now in Canada, either as refugees or immigrants. And, did you know that our Canadian laws can be broken by refugee seekers with the help of their parasitic lawyers. An MV Sun Sea passenger who admitted he was a member of the Tamil Tigers .....isn’t giving up on his dream of living in Canada even though he’s been ordered deported, the man’s lawyer said Wednesday

O Canada our very own dhimmified land ...But never mind.....Many of us still stand on guard for thee.

h/t: MF/CIC/Simon

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