Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quebec hits the right note

Montreal's school book written by Madi Lussier is the kind of activity book that might do a lot of good for attuning the new generation of  immigrant children to the democratic ways of our nation.

We need many more such activity books to offset the kind of  thinking that these kids inherit  from  their parents whose homes  these youngsters are obliged to live in during their formative and crucial years.  A great number of  immigrants who have migrated to a democratic country like Canada, and especially if they are moslem,  are wont to let go of old customs and habits of both thought and deed that they bring in from their old country.

Of  late,  I find that Quebec has been taking some real positive steps to get immigrants to assimilate with the rest of us...  I am thinking of the call for the burkha ban in public places.  Some methods are harsh, but definitely needed.  

Kudos to Quebec.  Keep it up.

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