Monday, March 28, 2011

The Liberal party of Canada = circus of clowns

Important and Urgent Update .... The clowns are far more dangerous than we thought. Leader of the Liberals holding meetings with radical islamists ?? WTF is going on ?????

Can this party get any more laughable ?! Man-oh-man !! Liberal MPs get on talk shows and unwittingly admit that the Harper govt policies are the policies that keep us afloat.

So.... we have to ask the question why these numbnuts collapsed the Conservative govt and forced us into an unwanted election which will cost us 300 Million+ and not counting the thousands of volunteers hours that will be spent on this exercise until May 2. Here I was sitting quietly and working on my rants and now I have to go volunteer and knock on people's doors all because the opposition parties got a bug up their butts.

Alberta Aardvark has the goods on how one of the Liberal party loudmouths blurted out the truth.... for once.

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