Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waiting with bated breath for the terrorists' bankers to go under

Make it soon.... make it soon. Any of you feeling even an iota of sympathy for the Saudi rulers and the Saudi govt, this blog is not for your reading pleasure. The Saudis are the Number One financiers of everything that's evil in this world, Iran are a far off second. Just because Saudi has been making nice nice with the USA and Israel does not mean we should turn a blind eye to the mess they have started long before they realized that they needed non-moslem allies to save them from Iran.

A murderer is a murderer... there's no "good" or "bad" label that you can put on murder.  And, don't forget, Saudi Arabia treats women far, far, far, far worse than the Iranian govt.   They have Billions of Dollars to send all over the world to spread shariah in non-moslem lands, but they care two hoots about keeping their own citizens happy.  

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