Thursday, March 31, 2011

English Defence League's Tommy Robinson on American Radio

Great show. If you don't have the time to listen to the entire show in one go.... do it in 10 minute slots... but do it, and also send it on to others. The more people educated about islam and shariah laws, the better equipped they will be to defend themselves against this ideology and the soft jihad that is now a part of our everyday life .... whether you are at the workplace, walking, travelling, eating, drinking or just breathing the same air as moslems.... the soft jihad is there and getting less soft with each passing minute.

It's so good to hear the brave and passionate leader of the EDL... he is the reason I gave up posting on the series of     Faster, Faster, England  at this blog.  Now, I  know for a certainity that the EDL will  save England from going to the every means possible.

Listen also to Marc Chamberlain, in the same show, about his experiences in the UAE and other moslem countries where he has lived a big chunk of his life.

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